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Your professional database with 500+ exercises, for daily use

Provide your athletes or clients with clear exercise executions, goal setting and coaching cues

Create training sessions, place your device in the gym or next to the field and let your clients do the work.

Gym and field exercises: from early rehab to return to play, from beginners to elite athletes, all in one single app

This brand new FBS application contains tons of high quality exercise videos based on the Frans Bosch Systems philosophy. The app is designed and developed for both fitness and sport professionals, such as:

  • Physioherapists
  • Sport coaches
  • Athletic development or strength and conditioning coaches
  • Personal trainers and health professionals

The app can be used as a source for practical applications of modern ideas of motor control and motor learning, to improve performance or fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Professional daily use

The app has been specifically developed for daily practice. Training schedules can be pre-programmed and shown to the athlete or client during training sessions. Just put down a tablet in the gym or next to the field, court or track.

Search & navigation

Exercises can easily be found through smart search and navigation options. Find exercises for specific body regions or use search terms such as “hamstrings”, “hip lock” or “acceleration”. Easily navigate from small (local muscle) to bigger building blocks of movement patterns. Adjust your exercises in an intelligent way to the level of your athletes, by multiple filter options.

Create training programs

Create multiple favorite exercise lists and name them whatever you want (e.g. “Training John” or “Core training”). Videos can serve as an example for athletes and clients of good exercise execution during training sessions.


Each exercise comes with a clear description of the goal and intention of the exercise, requirements for good execution and coaching cues. Since the exercises are based on the dynamic systems theory, it is also clearly described which attractors are trained.

Sport professional


  • Unlimited access to 500+ videos
  • Sport coaches
  • Physiotherapists
  • Athletic development coaches
  • Strength and conditioning coaches

Fitness professional


  • Unlimited access to 500+ videos
  • Fitness trainers
  • Personal trainers
  • Health professionals
  • Vitality professionals

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“Practical application of complexity”

Get direct access now!

Android only, iOS coming soon!

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