FBS exercise app


Attractor based

This brand new FBS application (mobile and tablet) contains tons of high quality exercise videos based on the Frans Bosch Systems philosophy. The app is designed and developed for both fitness professionals (personal trainers and health professionals) and sport professionals, such as (S&C) coaches and therapists. The app can be used as a source for practical applications of modern ideas of motor control and motor learning.

Searching and navigation

Exercises can easily be found through smart search and navigation options. Easily navigate from small (local muscle) to bigger building blocks of movement patterns. Adjust your exercises in an intelligent way to the level of your athletes, by multiple filter options.

Create training programs

Create multiple favorite exercise lists and name them whatever you want (e.g. "Training John" or "Hamstring training"). Videos can serve as an example for athletes and clients of good exercise execution during training sessions.

Inform me when the app is available!