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Movement Analysis

These reports are quite unlike most "biomechanical" analyses, which tend to make observations and measurement of errors with limited understanding of underlying causes. The reports are movement focussed, not analysing single static positions in isolation, but rather focussing on the underlying causes of problems, and connecting those to the most efficient movement based solutions. They have been used successfully by a growing number of elite organisations around the world.

The analysis and communication is offered remotely, making organisation simpler and easy to work in with the often busy schedule of professional sporting staff. If you have a complex or recurrent injury that needs clarity and resolution, this is the service you need.

Level 1

Analysis only
$750 USD


Level 2

Analysis + three weeks of exercise prescription
$1250 USD


Level 3

Analysis + four months of exercise prescription + scheduled follow-ups
$2000 USD


Who is it for & what do you get?

Movement analysis is a private service designed for coaches, therapists or individuals working in elite sports. Whether dealing with recurrent or complex injuries, or simply looking to boost performance, these detailed reports can provide you with a clear understanding of the issues identified and the best way to approach it.

An example movement analysis report for a footballer is seen below.

Exercise Prescription

Movement analysis: level two & three

Below are some sample clips of exercises from the above movement analysis. When purchasing a level two or three analysis you receive a set period of exercise prescription to accompany the report. These videos will be accessible privately through our analysis interface.

Video 6

Step off hurdle step into wall lock
The hurdle should force to keep the swing leg sharp and lift the free hip early in the swing phase.

Video 14

Walking hip lock
Push the arm up on the stance leg side, coming up onto the toe. Free side pelvis should stay visibly higher.

Video 16

Wicket runs
Running over low obstacles (wickets) from a 15m run up. As high paced as possible with short ground contacts.

How does it work?


Upload your videos

Through our online portal/interface.

Choose your level of service

There are three to choose from. Each level with increasing detail and planning involved.


Videos are analysed by our experts in the field.

Report is sent

A detailed report is provided outlining the key points from the analysis. It will look something like the example above.

Exercise prescription

If you have purchased level two or three analysis, exercise prescription will be provided for three weeks or four months respectively. This exercise prescription is carefully chosen based off the analysis.

Planning & follow-ups

There will be video discussions available for the level three analyses?, to communicate in depth the outcomes of the analysis and plan provided. As well as scheduled follow-ups.

For all levels of analysis please fill out the contact form below.